Fabrication of Oil tankers on chassis


One of the few commodities that we buy without thinking is Fuel. It’s the only thing we don’t bargain. Do you know it travels miles and miles before it reaches your petrol pump?

All the major transportation of fuel and liquid products is done through tankers. There are different types of oil tankers – Petroleum, Water, Edible Oil, and Chemical Tankers. Among these, the most popular is Petroleum Tankers used to transport petrol, diesel oil and some types of inflammable liquid. These tankers are fabricated according to the need and capacity of the customers. These tankers can be big or small, pressurised or non-pressurised, carry single or multiple products.

With the increase in population and industrialisation, the need for petrol is growing in every nook and corner of the country. Seeing the rising demand many private players from the unorganised sector have started the bulk production of these petroleum tankers to cater to the requirements. Petroleum transporters build chassis from different oil tanker manufacturers and utilise and customise them according to their need.


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