Luxury Camping Dome


Luxury Camping Dome (Executive Class)

The Pod is designed for lavish luxurious leisure, having its floor area of 20’-0 x20’-0x9’-0 accommodates 4 Persons.

  • Main Structure made of 1½” x 1½” 18Swg pipe.
  • Floor: Covered with shuttering plywood high pressurized 18 mm thicknesses.
  • The structure below floor shuttering ply is a pipe.
  • Outer Dome is made of Fiberglass 3 ply.
  • The dome is dual-faced Fiberglass. Inner side filling under the dome is a glass pool for heat and cold resistance.
  • The ceiling is made of Fiberglass 2 ply.
  • Concealed wiring, best quality LED lighting and Light Globe.
  • An 8’-0x4’-6” double glazed glass is installed for an outer view through entrance having 2 sitting stools.
  • 2 Doors, first for Entrance to the lobby, the second allows entrance to the dome.
  • Lobby having 1 Luggage Compartment / Cabinets each on the left and right side.
  • Doors made of UPVC best quality.
  • Attached bathroom, fully furnished with sanitary items best quality, English commode, Muslim shower, washbasin, mirror, towel holder, and a cabinet for towels / Toiletry, exhaust fan, 01 Ventilator for fresh air and ventilation and exhaust fan.


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